Our Staff

Ali – The Do’er

I am simply FANTASTIC!!  Passing this one over to Eddie – I am going to be kind for once lol. Ali is without doubt the best “Front of House” person on the island. She will cuddle your kids, sort out ANY problems you may have and look after you better than your own mother would. She is THE HEART and SOUL of the Margarita and I’m extremely proud of her.

Eddie – The Thinker

 Eddie at Restaurante Margarita in Los Cristianos
Eddie is “thinkin” about what to write in this box, but be assured he DOES NOT MISS A TRICK. Living in Madrid for 3 years as a youngster, where he learnt to speak Spanish fluently together with his astute buying and negiotation skills with our Suppliers provides us with the back bone we need to serve our customers.  Eddie also runs all our Entertainment here and his love and knowledge of music has ensured that Margarita offers the Best live entertainment from 9pm 7 nights a week.

Mike Hedworth –

“Our JR”.  Mike is everything his Dad is BUT 20 years younger.  He has applied for the role of official taster and tester!!!  Jury still out on that one!!  Lorraine and Mike make a fantastic team running the bar.  Mind they do get into quite alot of mischief if left unattended for to long

Luis (Cheeky Chops) – Restaurant Manager

 Luis (Cheeky Chops) at Restaurante Margarita in Los Cristianos
Cheeky Chops has 20+++ years experience in Bars/Restaurantes/Cocktail Bars here in the Canaries and the UK.  Luis started working for us in August 2010 and is an extremely valuable asset here at Margarita.  His wit and cheek has him loved by everybody but his professionalism knows no bounds.  He will happily save your shoes by inviting you in to join us for dinner with a FREE SMILE!
 Luisa - Head Chef at Restaurante Margarita in Los Cristianos

Luisa – Head Chef

Luisa, originally from Galicia in Northern Spain moved to Tenerife at the age of 17 and never ceases to amaze us with the quality of the food and speed of service she provides.  Her wicked, dry sense of humour and “tranquila” keeps us all on our toes…


Lorraine (Lollypop) – Bar Person Extraordinaire

Lorraine (or as our Spanish staff call her – Lorena) moved from Southampton to live on Tenerife 6 years ago.  Our Lolly runs the busy bar with amazing organisation.  She is a total asset to us and is loved by customers and staff. Even Eddie forgave her when Southampton FC beat Leeds in the first game of this season!!!  Only just mind.

 Asceneth - 2nd Chef at Restaurante Margarita in Los Cristianos


Our longest serving member of the Team  Asceneth has been with us since day 1. She has progressed up through the Kitchen ranks and has gone from pot washing to her position of 2nd Chef.  She is more than capable of running the kitchen in Luisas absence.  She is probably the most genuine caring person we have ever had the pleasure to meet.

 Martha – BBQ Chef

Again from Columbia, Martha is Cheeky Chops “Better Half”.  Since day 1 she has stepped upto the plate to fill whatever position has been needed.  Martha now works the BBQ 6 nights a week and keeps us all (customers included) in good health (physically, mentally and spiritually) with her various potions and remedies for any ailments encountered.  Her BBQ cooking is 2nd to none.

 Sue - Pool Bar Manager at Restaurante Margarita in Los Cristianos


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